The AJ Foundation opened the Comprehensive

Learning Center, one of Pennsylvania's

first highly specialized private schools

for children and adults with autism.

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About The Comprehensive Learning Center

The primary recipient of The AJ Foundation is The Comprehensive Learning Center (CLC) in Warminster, PA. CLC is one of the first licensed private ABA schools in the state of Pennsylvania. We believe that CLC will soon be regarded as the "gold standard" in providing education for individuals with autism.

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How We Began: One Mother's Determination

The Amazing Story Behind The AJ Foundation

Joanne Corless refused to back down until her son-and other children with autism spectrum disorders-had a place to be educated. Read the article in Family Circle Magazine, March 2012.

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Ways to Contribute

There are plenty of ways to support AJF. . . sponsor, donate or participate in our events, alert us of grant opportunities, take advantage of employer gift matching programs, or select AJF in United Way campaigns, employer sponsored campaigns or on-line retail affinity programs (e.g. Amazon, Macy's, etc.)".

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Joey was diagnosed with autism in April of 2017. As parents, we were devastated and lost. Even with in home ABA services, we knew Joey needed more. Learn More
Brian Sean
Brian & Sean
Brian & Sean are brothers both living with Autism. Both of our sons were diagnosed at 2 years of age. They are currently the only pair of siblings that both attend CLC. Learn More
Our journey began with Drake when he was first diagnosed around the age of eighteen months. We were initially told Drake had until the age of five to learn what he could. Learn More
Rhylin started at CLC in September of 2018. When Rhylin first started at CLC her aggression and self-injurious behavior was at the worst we have seen it. Learn More
My name is Lucas. I am 19 years old. This is me at work. This is my favorite job. I work 4 different jobs. Today I reached my goal of counting game pieces for 7 different games. Learn More